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Adding and managing multiple Salesforce implementations
Adding and managing multiple Salesforce implementations

Salesforce connection; Salesforce license; Multiple production orgs; Multiple Salesforce implementations; Connecting Salesforce Orgs

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Implementation allows you to group your Org production and its sandboxes, and then share the all documentation and link across associated reference and Org models.

The process is simple and quick, but please have a look at what it actually means.

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  • Overview

  • Prerequisites

  • Adding a new Salesforce implementation

  • Deleting a Salesforce implementation

  • Re-activating a suspended implementation

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In Elements, we see a single Salesforce Production Org and its associated Sandboxes as a single Salesforce implementation. (one production and associated sandboxes).

If you want to connect multiple Production Orgs or Sandboxes from different implementations, you will see multiple "Salesforce Implementations", grouped with the Production Org (if synchronized) at the top, followed by a list of the connected sandboxes.

Adding a new Salesforce implementation

On a Trial Space, you get the 1st implementation created automatically. You can go ahead and sync your first Production Org or associated Sandboxes.

If you have more Salesforce connection licenses, then you need to manually create each new implementation. The process is not much different from the standard way you connect your Orgs.

TIP Make sure you are logged out of all Orgs, Trailhead, Appexchange, SuccessCommunity and SalesforceHelp sites. This is to ensure no wrong user token is used in the installation process.

Click on the "Connect Org" button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Choose whether you want to connect a Sandbox or a Production Org. From the picklist choose the "Create new implementation" option and click next.

You will have to name your new implementation (this could be the name of the business unit/name of the production Org etc.) You can also provide a description.

Once you click "Create" you will be taken to the Salesforce login screen and the rest of the connection process will be exactly the same as explained in the installation article.

Deleting a Salesforce implementation

At any point, you can delete a Salesforce implementation (all Org connections and associated Org Models) from your Space if you have no further use for it and would like to use your Salesforce connection license to connect a different implementation.

Select the implementation you want to delete from the list and click "Delete implementation" in the right panel. This option is only available to Space admins.

TIP When you delete an Implementation or disconnect an Org model, all documentation for those will be lost.

Re-activating a suspended implementation

If you purchase multiple Salesforce connections and later decide to renew your subscription with us for a smaller amount of Salesforce connections, then some of your implementations will be automatically suspended.

You will not be able to access the Org models, their documentation, or sync metadata, but the content itself will not be deleted until 240 days later - in case you change your mind or there has been a mix-up with regard to which implementation got suspended.

TIP You can always delete the unwanted implementations prior to renewal to make sure the appropriate implementations remain active.

You can re-activate a suspended implementation (if you either purchased or freed-up your existing implementation) by selecting it and clicking on "Reactivate implementation" in the right panel.

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