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The Object overview is a dynamic, customizable bar chart designed to visualize the level of customization across all objects in your Salesforce Org.

Tailored for Salesforce consultants, this tool aims to simplify the identification of complex configurations and facilitate the creation of insightful reports for customers. The chart allows users to filter by component types and sort by level of customization, offering a granular view of the Object's structure.

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Navigating the Dynamic Bar Chart

The dynamic bar chart is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. The Y-axis lists the objects in the Org, while the X-axis shows the number of selected components for each object. This layout provides a straightforward way to compare the level of customization across different objects.

Component Type Selection

The chart allows you to select one component type at a time for visualization. You can choose from a variety of components:

  • Approval processes

  • Buttons, links and actions

  • Compact layouts

  • Custom fields (may need to be added to current API)

  • Duplicate rules

  • Email alerts

  • Field sets

  • List views

  • Matching rules

  • Page layouts

  • Process builder workflows

  • Record types

  • Restriction rules

  • Validation rules

  • Workflow field updates

  • Workflow rules

This feature enables you to focus on specific aspects of customization, making your analysis more targeted.

Sorting Mechanism

Users have the flexibility to sort objects in various ways: alphabetically, from high-to-low numbers, or from low-to-high numbers.

Object Filtering

You can filter the objects displayed on the chart based on their type:

  • Standard and Custom objects (excluding managed packages),

  • Just Custom Objects (excluding managed packages),

  • Just Standard Objects (excluding managed packages),

  • Objects from managed packages

This filtering capability, which is consistent with existing org analytics features, enables you to narrow down your focus to specific object types.

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