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Object usage dashboard

Analytics 360 ; Object dashboard ; Adoption

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The "Object usage" dashboard, part of 'Adoption' section in Analytics 360, is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of your Object's utilization.

Aimed at platform owners trying to measure Return on Investment, this feature set offers a series of charts that break down usage of the object over time, by record types, classic and lightning usage, and type of users.

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Event log data aggregation

We do not report on individual event logs nor do we store your event log data in our system. We aggregate the event logs for a given 24 hour period for an object and for a user and we only store the aggregate results.

Object aggregated event log:

  • Object name

  • total number of end-user views on an object across different record pages, list views, interfaces, related lists, and actions

  • total number of views in classic and lightning mode

User aggregated event log:

  • user ID

  • total number of views per each visited object

  • role ID

  • profile ID

Dashboard filter

At the top of the page you can search for the target object by name and select a date range (from/to) for which you want to see the object activity. Then you just click apply and all 7 components are updated to show you relevant data.

Total number of records, views and users

For a platform owner, the summary component highlights 3 key stats for object adoption: total number of records, total number of views in the selected time period, and total number of unique users who interacted with the object. This visual representation helps you to quickly gauge the level of engagement from the business.

Record count over time

The historical line chart shows how number of records has changed, by each record type, over time. You can use this to explore trends over time with type of data being stored in your objects.

Segmentation: records by record type over time

For the selected time period, the donut chart shows what % of records at the "To" part of the time range belonged by which record type.

Object views over time

Object views over time is the aggregate summary of all interactions with the object (directly through page views, list views, actions, related lists) by all users. It also breaks down usage by lightning and classic interactions, so you can see not only the overall level of engagement but also check if your users are actually adopting lightning interface.

Daily active users

The running line chart shows the number of unique daily active users over time. You can use it to measure adoption against the expected benchmark.

Segmentation: Views by role over time

The segmentation chart by role shows you all views/interactions in the selected time period broken down by roles.

Segmentation: Views by profile over time

The segmentation chart by profile shows you all views/interactions in the selected time period broken down by profiles.

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