Permissions overview dashboard

Find profiles, permission sets, permission set groups, and other metadata by how many active users are assigned to them

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The new "Permissions Overview" dashboard aims to enhance the 'Org at a Glance' section by providing a breakdown of permission controllers based on the number of active users.

Article Outline

  • Prerequisites

  • Locating the 'Permissions Overview' Chart

  • Choosing the Permission Controller

  • Sorting Options


Locating the 'Permissions Overview' Chart

The 'Permissions Overview' chart is conveniently located below the 'Objects Overview' chart in the 'Org overview' section. This placement allows for easy navigation and quick access to essential permission-related insights.

Choosing the Permission Controller

The chart provides the flexibility to display the number of active users by different permission controllers in your Org:

  • Profile,

  • Permission Set,

  • Permission Set Group,

  • Role,

  • Group

That way you can analyze level of utilization of different permission controllers.

Sorting Options

You can sort the data in the chart alphabetically or numerically (from high to low or low to high). This sorting functionality enables you to view the data in a way that is most meaningful for your analysis, making it easier to identify trends or anomalies.

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