Copy & paste objects

You can copy & paste objects within diagrams or between objects on diagrams in different tabs. You can copy & paste activity boxes with:

  • resources will be copied as part of activity boxes for maps within a space 

  • notes and URLs will be copied

  • data tables WILL NOT be copied

  • drilldowns WILL NOT be copied - see below for work around

  • lines and line text

  • free text

  • sticky notes

To copy one or more objects, highlight them and use Ctrl+C (Command+C on Mac). To paste them you hit Ctrl+V (Command+V on Mac), or use the "copy" and "paste" on the right click mouse menu.  The newly copied objects will be centered on the canvas.

Note: Elements draws objects in order of their type, so lines are behind activity boxes are behind free text. So if you use Ctrl+V to paste, say, a small line, and there is a big activity box in the center of the screen, the line will be pasted BEHIND the activity.

Copy & paste drilldown

You cannot copy & paste drilldowns, but you can export a drilldown as a new map (provided you have "can copy map" permission), and then import a map as a drilldown.

Left-click on an activity with a drilldown and select "Export drilldown".

Then rename the drilldown process as a new map. You will find it in your map list.

To import a drilldown process, left-click on an activity without a drilldown and select "Import". 

Select a map from the list of maps in your space. You can even import a deleted map - just toggle "Show deleted maps" at the bottom of the window. 

The selected map will become the new drilldown on activity. 

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