Having access to the Space does not mean that the user will automatically be able to access everything in it. You have to either make the content visible to everyone in the space or exclusively invite specific users to it. This article outlines how to do it for the process maps. You might also want to read these articles:

Article outline:

  • Personal spaces: no sharing
  • Map permissions: different levels of access and different capability
  • Inviting to map / sharing a diagram
  • Making a process map visible to everyone in the space 

Personal spaces: no sharing

Every user who self-registers starts with a personal space and access to a few public spaces with some example process content. It is important to note that personal spaces only offer the basic process mapping functionality and you cannot invite other users to that space or to the content in it. If you wish to collaborate with other users you need to create a new space which by default will be a team space.

Map permissions: different levels of access and different capability

Before you grant access to your map to any user it is worth understanding different permissions that can be given so that you can choose the correct one. By default any new map you create is visible only to yourself, the owner. You need to either invite users to it or make it visible to everyone in the space.

There are a number of different user levels within a map: 


Editor is someone who can edit diagrams in your process map (you can customize which diagrams the editor can change). To make someone an editor they need the editor license assigned to them on a Space level. Editors are able to access the full range of features and inspect all information down to each individual activity in the right panel when they switch to edit mode. 

A map editor can be awarded 3 levels of permission:

  • Map owner: Map editor who can also define who has access to the map and the levels of access (more advances access control available on a PRO plan). The user who created the map is its owner by default.
  • Map manager: has the same rights as Map owner, can invite other users and grant them different permissions. They can't change the map owner.
  • Map editor: they can edit, comment on and view diagrams and attachments (subject to individual diagram edit rights)


    Viewers cannot change the process diagrams but they can interact with them, inspect the attached documentation, view history of changes and other information. Although you can restrict the precise level of access.
  • Explicit map viewer: these are the users you explicitly invited to a map by name or shared a diagram with (more on that in the next section). They have access to the expanded view on a diagram and can run reports, see version history, and list of requirements and stories raised against a process diagram.

  • Space viewer: If the option "All users can view map" is turned on (more on that at the end of this article) then all users in the space are able to open and view the map. Every user who does not have access to the map already becomes a "Space viewer".

    If you would like to make any of those viewers an editor you must first explicitly invite them to a map and grant them the edit rights. Space viewers can only see the basic view mode of the process and do not have access to expanded toolbar or the right panel, so they cannot see version history, list of requirements and stories, etc.

Inviting to map / sharing a diagram

You can grant someone access to the process map by either inviting them to the map or by sharing a diagram with them. There is no diagram-by-diagram view rights so if you share one diagram from a map with someone they will have access to view the whole process structure. Click here to read more about diagram sharing.

Click "Invite to map" from the right panel of the maps list. 

If a user has not yet registered, they will be invited with whatever message you have added. On a FREE Space, a user who is a VIEWER in the space can be made an editor on a map (and by extension in the Space) by any other map editor. On a PRO Space, due to licensing implications, a user who is a viewer cannot be made a map editor without an editor license in the space.

On a FREE space any user who has been invited to a process map can invite any other user to it or copy the map to any other space. Access rights management is available on a PRO plan.

Making a process map visible to everyone in the space 

You can also make a process map visible to every user in the space by simply turning on the toggle "All users can view map". This will grant every user  the "Space viewer" permission.

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