Sometimes you just want to make a note on a diagram – not an activity box and not free text. So we created sticky notes – electronic Post-It® notes – in four colors: yellow, green, blue and red.

Access (drag) them from the left panel or Shift Double Click on the canvas.

Right click and select "Color" to change color. Rotate using the rotation handle at the top of the note.

Most common use if before you start mapping to note down the scope and intent of the process map - see separate article here on good practice for scope and intent.

It has always been very effective to map processes live on paper/whiteboards getting workshop attendees to contribute and engage by writing on and placing Post-It® notes on diagrams to highlight issues, opportunities, ideas or new activities etc. By encouraging remote participants to add comments (top-right, comment icon), you can get people engaged while you are mapping online (or in a live workshop). You can then copy and past input into sticky notes and place on the screen. It's very effective.

While engaging and inclusive, Sticky notes shouldn't stay on the diagram forever. You can toggle them on and off using the icon next to the comment icon, but before you delete them, use the camera icon (again top-right in a Pro space next to the toggle to take a manual snapshot and retain everyone's input.

Tip : Some people highlight all the sticky notes (shift click or cmd-click on each in turn - then Send to Child.) - this pushes then all down a level. You can name the box "Record of notes" - and then copy and paste some or all back up to this level at will.

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