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How to add notes to the diagram

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Sometimes you just want to make a note on a diagram – not an activity box and not free text. So we created sticky notes – electronic Post-It® notes.

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • Adding sticky notes

  • Changing sticky note colors

  • Hiding sticky notes

  • Filtering sticky notes

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Adding sticky notes

There are 2 ways to add sticky notes:

  • Press shift & double left-mouse click on the canvas - a sticky note will be created at this spot

  • Open the left panel and draft and drop a sticky note onto the canvas

Changing sticky note colors

You can right-click on a sticky note and select one of 4 default colors to change it to:

Alternatively, if you navigate to the right-hand panel, you can choose from an additional palette of 21 colors:

You can also change the color of a sticky note by copying it from one note and pasting to another. To do this, select "Copy Theme" either in the right-hand panel, or by right-clicking on the note and selecting it from the dropdown menu. Then, click on the note you want to change and select "Paste Theme".

Hiding sticky notes

On the diagram toolbar, in the upper-right corner, click on the icon "Toggle sticky notes". You can do this in either edit or view mode.

This will hide all sticky notes from the diagram. You will see a little counter on the icon showing how many hidden sticky notes are there. Clicking on the icon again will show the sticky notes.

You cannot hide sticky notes forever. If you hide sticky notes and refresh the page (or close the diagram and come back to it later) the sticky notes will be shown by default.

You can also toggle this view by right-clicking on the diagram page and selecting "Toggle sticky notes".

Filtering sticky notes

If there are lots of contributors to your diagram you can filter sticky notes by user. Do this by right-clicking on the page, and selecting the users notes you want to view.

You can also report on sticky notes. Click here to learn how.

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