Multi-user sticky notes

Understanding how to use the multi-user sticky note functionality in diagrams

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To use multi-user sticky notes, you must have:

  • Enterprise space

  • Owner/manager rights on the map (to turn on the feature)

  • An existing diagram in your space


This feature allows multiple viewers to leave sticky notes on a diagram in real time. Viewers are unable to make any other changes to the diagram, but by leaving sticky notes you can collaborate with your team without needing to allocate huge numbers of editor licenses, or put your diagram at risk of unwanted changes.

By hovering over the sticky note you can see when it was created/edited and the user responsible:

All users have the same options for formatting sticky notes, including font type, size, and colours.

Turning on multi-user sticky notes

There are 2 ways you can turn on this feature, for all users on the map or for individual viewers.

Turn on for all users in a diagram

To turn this on for all users, navigate to the diagram list and select the diagram. From the right panel, press the toggle "All users can add notes to diagrams" on - et voila!

Newly created maps will have this toggle turned on automatically.

Now, all viewers who can access this diagram will be able to add sticky notes.

Turn on for individual users in a diagram

For existing users in a diagram you can scroll down the right panel, find the user, and select the "Can add notes" checkbox.

You can also give users this permission when inviting them to the diagram by selecting the "Can add notes" checkbox in the "Share diagram"/"Invite user to map" dialogue:

Using sticky notes

Creating a new note

As a viewer on any given diagram you are unable to enter "edit mode" to make changes. So how do you go about adding a sticky note?

Simple: right-click and select "Create sticky note".

You can also use the keyboard shortcut, by pressing Shift and double left-click.

As an editor you are able to enter edit mode and drag and drop sticky notes onto the diagram using the "SHAPES" panel on the left of the screen. You can open and close this panel using the blue arrow icon.

Editing sticky notes

To edit the text, simply double click on the note and add or edit the text. Using the right panel you can change the font, size, and color of the note text.

You can change the color of the note by clicking it once and opening the "Box colors" section in the right panel.

You can also change the color of the note by right-clicking the note and pressing the "Color" option. This will open a panel where you can choose the note color.

Deleting sticky notes

To delete a sticky note as a viewer, right click on the note and press "Delete":

Toggling sticky notes

You can toggle whether to show sticky notes on a diagram or not by right clicking on the diagram and selecting "Toggle sticky notes". This will toggle all sticky notes on the diagram, not just other users'.

Conflict management and restrictions

When two users are editing the same note the following rules are applied:

  • Last change wins

  • A change consists of text change or position, size change.

  • When a note is deleted that always wins as an action.

  • When a viewer is editing a note other updates are blocked.

Note that editors and map managers/owners will be able to edit and delete all sticky notes as well as their own, but viewers can only edit and delete their own sticky notes.

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