Attaching documentation to Ref and Org Model nodes

There are a number of different attachments that can be linked to and Org and Ref model and used as documentation:

Standard attachments:

  • notes; rich text notes
  • URL Library Links; a link from the URL Library
  • data tables; extend any object with metadata using Data Tables
  • images; screenshots or scans

You can also document the context of change by adding:

  • business requirements
  • user stories

And specify the context of use by linking to:

  • activity step in a process map

In the right panel select the DOCUMENTATION tab and then click on Add documentation. You can also right-click on a node and add documentation from the context menu. 

Links between processes, requirements, stories and Org Models

Ref/ Org Model nodes can be linked to activities in process diagrams, requirements & stories using Copy/Paste.

  • Org / Ref Model node to process; click Copy Node Link on node (right-click menu or under the DOCUMENTATION tab) and then right mouse click on process activity and select Add link | Org Model Node

When you link the SF Org Model node with a process activity you are not just linking this particular node, you are linking the same node from Production & all associated Sandbox Org Models. When viewing the process you can very easily understand the usage of the particular Salesforce item in the process by rolling over the attached link - you will see all the crucial info + links to production & sandbox Org Models & links to the actual Salesforce setup pages.

In the Ref/Org Model you can roll over the process activity link to see an image of the process + information about the name of the activity, process diagram & map to contextualise the link. You can click on the name of the activity at the top of the rollover to open the diagram in a new tab.

  • Org / Ref Model to requirement or story: The easiest way to link requirements & stories to a model node is to click on “Add documentation” in the right panel or using the right-click in the tree. You will a dialog what allows you to add multiple stories and requirements or create a new one.

You can also click Copy requirement link on requirement / or Copy story link on a story in the Change app and go to the Org / Ref Model node and then select an option to Paste requirement link or Paste story link. You can do that either from the Documentation tab or from the context menu on a node

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