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Deleting maps (soft-delete)

How to delete a map (and be able to restore it)

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Soft-delete is the right way to keep your Space and list of process maps tidy and organized, there is even an option to bring back soft deleted maps, in case you have changed your mind.

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • How to soft-delete a process map

  • Restoring map

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  • Registered and verified Elements account

  • Edit rights to a process map

How to soft-delete a process map

If you are a map manager or map owner, you can delete a map.  To delete a map, you highlight the map you want to delete and click on "Soft delete map" (button in red below). It is not permanently deleted, but moved to the DELETED folder. It can be restored from the DELETED folder back to the ACTIVE folder within 30 days. After this, the map will be deleted permanently from the system.

Restoring maps

You simply click on the DELETED folder – to the right of ACTIVE. Highlight the map you want to restore. Click on RESTORE.

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