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Updates: Release Note Highlights Q3 2023
Updates: Release Note Highlights Q3 2023

The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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August 2023

Release Highlights:

    • You can navigate to the the dependency grid from the metadata explorer grid.

    • Select up to 50 metadata items to open ALL the dependencies for these.

    • Mass add and update tags to your metadata.

    • Link existing stories to your metadata.

    • We are supporting Apex Class and Trigger change logs fully now, so you can see the exact code differences each time they change.


  • Diagrams:

    • You can now assign a draft diagram to a release, helping you organise your releases ahead of time.

    • We've added the ability to search for an Org model node from a diagram.


  • Diagram connectors: We have removed the limitations for all connectors to be "input" to "output" only. You can now connect any flow line to another.

July 2023

Release Highlights:

    • You can now filter and sort fields for each metadata view, further enhancing your metadata analysis experience in Elements.

    • We added some more attributes specific to fields, such as % population, Has help text, Has description, and Impact.

    • Tags are now available as an attribute column for metadata views.

    • We added some more colour to the interface!

  • Metadata descriptions:

    • Description fields are now editable in Elements for the following metadata, with longer text input:

      • Apex class

      • Apex trigger

      • Object (custom and standard)

      • Field (custom and standard)

      • Validation rule

      • Flow

      • Record type

      • Profile

      • Permission set

      • Permission set group

    • Additionally, we sync your metadata descriptions on first sync from Salesforce. After this we no longer push the descriptions to Salesforce, nor overwrite them when they are changed in Salesforce. This is so you can add more in-depth descriptions, longer than the Salesforce character limit.

  • Field/Page layout dependencies: We now show with more granularity if a field is readable, editable or required on a page layout.


  • Token expiry emails: We're providing more information to you now when your org token expires. This will help you find the org/space and refresh the token quickly and easily.


  • Data tables: We have fixed an error with saving Data Table records in the Diagram editor.

  • Browser extension: We have resolved an issue that was caused by using hotkeys with the browser extension in Salesforce.

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