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Updates: Release Note Highlights Q3 2022
Updates: Release Note Highlights Q3 2022

The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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September 2022

Release Highlights:

  • Consulting Spaces: Calling all Partners! We have finally improved how you create and manage your Consulting spaces, giving the process a much needed facelift.

  • Flow attributes: We now display more flow attribute information in the right panel of the Org model, including API version, as well as syncing inactive flows.

Late August 2022

Release Highlights:

  • Releases: You can now create a new release without having to leave the Diagram Editor, using the version tab in the right panel of the diagram.


  • Data population: We have added a few improvements to the newest field usage data in the Org model. This includes reinstating the record count in the right panel, and adding a record count and chart over time for % filled on picklist values.


  • Org model metadata search: Fixed a short-term performance issue with the Org model metadata search.

  • Proposed nodes crashing: Fixed a bug where moving from a picklist value to a proposed picklist value was causing the Org model page to refresh.

  • Field usage reporting: We now display accurate record number values in the new data population reports.

Early August 2022

Release Highlights:

  • New metadata: We now sync Assignment Rules in the Org model, and...

  • New dependencies: We also sync the following new dependencies:

    • Picklist value and field references in Assignment Rules

    • Email template dependencies in Assignment Rules

    • Queue dependencies in Assignment Rules


  • Salesforce Chrome extension: We have fixed an issue with the "show" button for the Elements right panel not appearing in Salesforce Classic.

  • Org model metadata search: Our search is working correctly now, as some users were experiencing issues with returning the correct metadata types, such as Email Alerts.

  • Tag reports: There was a problem with the node list report not returning the correct tags.

  • Change log inspection: We resolved an issue where some change logs would crash when clicked on instead of loading correctly.

Late July 2022


  • Jira integration: There was an issue where non-Jira admin users were unable to see the "Automatically import stories from Jira" toggle as we displayed an error message. This has now been changed so any user who set up the integration can see and select this toggle.


  • Salesforce in-app help: A long awaited fix for a bug that some users experienced with the in-app help purple i's not displayed correctly in Salesforce.

Mid July 2022

Release Highlights:

  • DevOps Center: You can now use Elements to connect to Salesforce DevOps Center and keep track of your work items! Note: Salesforce DevOps Center is currently in public Beta. Read more here.

Early July 2022

Release Highlights:

  • Manual dependencies: You can now manually document a dependency between two Org model nodes.

  • Jira: You can now bulk-send up to 50 user stories to Jira at once.


  • Node search-bar: We have swapped the position of the "node type" in our search bar to make the experience more intuitive alongside more performance improvements.

  • Dependency reporting: You can now see the full validation rule criteria in our field dependency reports.

  • User story - reference model links: Ref model nodes are now shown in the right-panel dependency tab for user stories, making the user experience consistent across our application.

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