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Updates: Release Note Highlights Q1 2023
Updates: Release Note Highlights Q1 2023

The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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February 2023

Release Highlights:

  • Jira integration: You can now sync multiple Jira issue types with Elements stories, all easily managed in Space settings.

  • Conflict management on stories: We now highlight metadata conflicts across your user stories in Elements, allowing you to increase visibility across your teams, avoid merge conflicts and prevent re-work.

  • Salesforce Architecture Diagrams: We have released to all users our Salesforce Diagram capabilities, allowing you to document and design your Salesforce architecture following the "Well-Architected" guidelines.

March 2023

Release Highlights:

  • NEW Adoption Center (beta): Welcome our new Adoption Center to Elements! You can now track Salesforce adoption and Event Log data in our all-new UI.

  • Elements Salesforce Managed Package: Version 5.0 of our Salesforce Managed Package is out, giving you greater visibility into your scheduled Apex jobs and a refreshed Lightning UI.

  • New metadata: We now sync Restriction Rules in the Org model.



  • Diagram character limits: We have extended the character limit for activities in the diagram editor, as some copy and paste actions were causing errors to be triggered.

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