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Updates: Release Note Highlights Q2 2023
Updates: Release Note Highlights Q2 2023
The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter
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May 2023

Release Highlights:

  • New metadata: We now sync auto-response rules in the Org.

  • Field-report dependencies: We are now supporting more granular insights on field-report dependencies, and can show you if a field is used as a filter, a column, or a grouping in a particular report.


    • Elements Release to Jira FixVersion mapping is now no longer required and you can customise the connection for these fields, or choose not to connect them at all.

    • The Jira "Dev project" field in Elements work items can now be mass-edited using our bulk field editor.


  • Deleted Org models: We have resolved an issue where deleted Org model connections were not registered correctly and had prevented re-connection of the same Org to Elements.

  • Changes grid views: We fixed a bug causing misalignment of the change grid columns in custom grid views.

April 2023

Release Highlights:

  • Managing metadata links: We've introduced a host of improvements to the experience of linking metadata to a story and help make your documentation more actionable. These include:

    • Pasting metadata summary information into the story description, such as the date the link was added, and the number of attachments that need reviewing on the node.

    • The ability to easily document the metadata link status when you action it, as well as further description

    • A revised, more colorful UI

    • The ability to select more than one metadata node at a time when adding to stories

  • Profile and Permission Set comparison reports: No longer in Beta, our profile and permission set comparison reports are now available to all users.

  • Elements login page: In keeping with our shiny new website, we have refreshed our Login page with a brand new look.


  • Story links: You can now find an existing story when linking nodes to diagram activity boxes, helping you quickly and easily document your processes against work items.

  • Dependency tree rollover: We have reformatted the information when you rollover on a field/flow dependency link, making it easier to read and understand.

  • Adding dependencies: When you try to add an existing dependency to a node we grey the button out, instead of hiding it altogether

  • Reference model links: When linking reference model nodes we now display the node name, ID, or both if present, to make it easier to understand what is being referenced.


  • Suspended implementations: Orgs will no longer sync in suspended implementations. If you unsuspend an implementation and re-authenticate your Org/s, syncing will resume as per your sync settings.

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