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Updates: Release Note Highlights Q2 2022
Updates: Release Note Highlights Q2 2022

The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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Late June 2022

Release Highlights:

  • Import icon: We replaced the import icon with a clearer "Import" button to make your user experience easier and help you find what you need in the screen faster.

  • Import manager permission: We added a new "Import manager" permission to help you give more granular permissions to your users without having to give access to everything in your space.


  • Mass import documentation: We made some improvements to our mass imports for tags, and you can now both update and add new tags to your Org and reference models.


  • Optimize / Clean up: You can now remove an optimize assignee and change the field back to "Unassigned".

Mid June 2022

Release Highlights:

  • Data population fetch: We have an all-improved way to grab your field usage data from Salesforce!

    • Daily fetch instead of weekly

    • We added picklist value % field usage


  • Org model node search: We have improved the search time and responsiveness of the Org model node search functionality.

Late May 2022

Release Highlights:

  • Node to node linkages: You can now manually document your external system dependencies between Org models and reference models in Elements!


  • Jira integration: We have released a whole host of improvements to our integration with Jira:

    • We now fully integrate with Jira Server instances. If you are using Jira Server, and want to use the Elements browser extension, please reach out to us at To comply with our extension's security protocols we need to know your Server instance URL to add it to our whitelist.

    • We now allow you to connect to different story-level issues in Jira. So if you want to link just Bugs, or Tasks, instead of Stories, you can now do this.

    • The Elements Reference field is no longer mandatory for setting up your Jira integration. This should simplify the setup for new users - if you currently have this already there is no need to make any changes.

    • From Jira, you can now navigate straight back to the linked story in Elements by clicking on its name in the right panel from the browser extension.


  • Dependency trees: We fixed a bug where Org model viewers were unable to view node information in the dependency trees.

Mid May 2022

Release Highlights:

  • Changelogs: We now show you how the metadata has changed between each sync, including an XML comparison feature so you know exactly what changes have been made.

Early April 2022

Release Highlights:

  • Mass import documentation: You can now mass import org documentation from a CSV file using our templates! This includes tags and URLs.

  • User stories: We've released 2 major improvements for our Salesforce customers. You can now search for a metadata node from a user story and link it, and open the dependency tree from any linked metadata. All without leaving the page!


  • Tags: Tags are now shared across all org models in an implementation. This means that any tag you add to a node in your Production org model will show up on the same node in any associated Sandbox. (We already had this feature for documentation and change requests).

  • Import templates: We made a small change so that your import templates are now generated as one CSV file (up to 10,000 rows) rather than splitting them up by metadata type.

  • Change grid reporting: Change item reports are now generated based on the list of requirements/stories you are viewing in the change grid, including number of stories viewed and filters applied. Currently this only relates to the "All" list, but will soon include all Custom Grid views.


  • Images in notes: We have fixed a bug which was causing errors with images embedded in notes.

  • Proposed nodes: We fixed an issue where users couldn't create proposed custom objects.

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