Sending user stories to JIRA

Displaying Elements story documentation / insights in JIRA

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Once you have configured your JIRA-Elements integration, you can send Elements user stories to JIRA. You can choose which JIRA development project to send the story to, and by using our Chrome extension you can even display the Elements documentation and insights natively inside JIRA.

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  • Prerequisites

  • Sending user stories to JIRA

  • Sending story documentation to JIRA

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  • Editor rights on a Space level

  • Requirement manager permission on a Space

Sending user stories to JIRA

Go to the Changes grid, switch to the "User stories" list and find the story you wish to send to JIRA.

Click on the edit button or right-click on a story and initiate edit from the context menu.

Associate the story with the JIRA connection project.

Click "Send to JIRA" in the right panel. This will create a corresponding ticket in JIRA and link the two together.

  • A new story will be created in JIRA based on your Elements story.

  • If you select an Elements release for a story, it will be carried over to JIRA upon sending it. Either a new JIRA fixVersion will be created from that release or the Elements release will be linked to an existing fixVersion if it has the same name.

  • The release data is sent to JIRA once and is not updated when the story is updated.

  • Any update to an Elements story will automatically be pushed to JIRA and vice-versa (depending on your field mapping configuration)

Sending story documentation to JIRA

Install our Chrome extension to be able to access any documentation, Salesforce metadata, or diagrams that you linked to a story during your analysis.

Once you install the extension and log in (using the same credentials you use for the application), choose the right JIRA project connection details to enable the right panel for stories from that project.

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