Bulk send stories to Jira

How to bulk send stories from Elements to Jira; Jira integration; Mass send stories; User stories; Change management

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  • Editor rights on a Space level

  • Requirement manager permission on a Space

How to bulk send stories

Start by selecting the stories you want to send. You can do this by selecting the checkboxes on the left of the screen.

To send a story to Jira it must be associated with a connected Dev Project, and must not already have an existing story in Jira.

Right click your selected stories to open the context panel and you will see the option to "Send all to Jira".

Once you select this option you will see a window summarising the stories you want to send.

In some circumstances you will be unable to send all your stories. For example, if this story is already connected and exists in Jira, or if you have not selected a Dev Project.

When you press confirm, all stories in the "Stories to send" tab will be sent to Jira, and those that cannot will be skipped.

You should see a notification when the operation is complete.


You can send up to 50 stories at once. If you would like this to be increased please feel free to contact us at success@elements.cloud and we can discuss your needs.

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