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Importing JIRA stories

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Once you have configured your JIRA-Elements integration, you can mass-import user stories from JIRA into Elements. They will be created with the reference to JIRA already established, and the relationship determined by your configuration.

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  • Prerequisites

  • How to import user stories from JIRA

  • Completing the operation

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  • Editor right on a Space level

  • Requirement manager permission on a Space

How to import user stories from JIRA

Go to the Stories section in the Changes grid. As seen in the image below, click on the import icon in the upper right section of the screen and click on "Import from JIRA".

In the dialog window choose from which JIRA development project you wish to import the user stories from.

Then from the 2nd dropdown list, select which JIRA user story statuses should be included. The system will only import user stories that are currently in the selected statuses.

You will see how many user stories have been found that match the selected criteria. Click "Import" when you want to proceed.

Completing the operation

Depending on the number of user stories being imported, this operation may take some time. A few thousand user stories would take a couple of minutes to sync.

Once the operation is complete, you will receive a notification. Click on it to download a CSV report.

You will be able to inspect which user stories have been successfully imported

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