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Updates : Release note highlights Q1 2018
Updates : Release note highlights Q1 2018

The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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Late March 2018 release:


  • Multiple Salesforce Implementations: We've prepared something special for Salesforce users - you can now connect your space to multiple Salesforce implementations using our new type of license. Contact Customer Success team to learn more.  

  • Document Salesforce field usage: You can now see whether a given Salesforce field is being used by any reports or formula fields. 

  • Salesforce field access: We've added hyperlinks in the field access list to corresponding Salesforce profiles.

  • Salesforce sync : You can now manually sync your Reference model with the Salesforce environment. Just go the top node, open sync history tab and select "Run sync". 

Early March 2018 release:


  • Custom workflows : You can now change workflows ,i.e. statuses and status transitions for requirements and stories. 

  • Nimbus import : You can import your Nimbus maps into Elements Catalyst ! Contact Customer Success to enable this functionality for your account.

  • GDPR customization : You can now create GDPR purposes, i.e. cases for using the same personal or special personal data that you apply to a GDPR-enabled Ref Model node. You can also create a standardized list of reasons for holding data and reasons for specified legal basis. 

  • Resources : You can now add multiple resources to a diagram activity or GDPR enabled Ref model node at a time.

  • Document Salesforce field usage: You can now see where a given Salesforce field is being used. For now this functionality allows to check email templates and page layouts for field usage.

  • Comment status report : We introduced a new type of report for diagrams, ref models and requirement lists: the comment status report. It shows the number of open and resolved comments for an item (diagram, ref model node, requirement). 

  • Delete user account : As part of our own GDPR compliance we now introduce the ability to permanently delete your user account. This not only removes you from out database but also anonymises all references to your account in the system (history, versions, item owners etc.)

Early February 2018 release


  • Custom fields: Even more custom fields ! You can now customize a predefined tags field & a single-choice dropdown list for requirements and stories 

  • Reporting: We introduced more enhanced reporting which allows you to refresh previously generated reports to include the new data and remove them from your storage.

  • GDPR: We addressed your requests and made categorizing GDPR fields much easier. You can now copy & paste GDPR data between nodes to quickly categorize similar nodes. 

  • Edit rights management: We changed rules on inheriting edit rights on a diagram. If you turn off the inherit option the child diagram will keep the settings from the parent but you can now customize it by denying or enabling new editors. 

  • JIRA integration : we improved webhook management to allow you to easily register webhook in JIRA from Catalyst and see its status. 

Mid January 2018 release


  • We have made it really easy to share diagrams with all of your colleagues direct from the SHARE button on any diagram. Elements Catalyst does any necessary admin, ["inviting to Elements Catalyst", "inviting to the Space", "adding to the Map "] automatically in the background for you. 

On a FREE space users can now share diagram content without any restrictions. Any user can share a diagram with any user in or outside of the space.  There are also no restrictions on copying maps. 

Comprehensive management of content access, copy and share rights is available when you upgrade to a PRO space (click to access a free trial). 

  • Collaboration : We have improved collaboration between users by changing access rights management and allowing users to request edit rights  . (Don't forget that any user can click on comments on any diagram to contribute including @mentions to send a specific user the comment via email with a link back to that diagram)

  • Salesforce Config Manager: You can now connect your Space to a single Production and multiple Salesforce Sandbox Orgs and create a ref model for each one of them! This allows you to see the configuration metadata for different stages in the development process 

  • JIRA integration : We introduced the first version of our  that allows you to send stories to JIRA for development using multiple development projects. As a result you can link your space to multiple JIRA projects ! 

  • Customize fields for Requirements and User Stories to capture additional data.

  • User Stories : You can now follow User Stories which allows you to access them through dashboard and be notified of any changes or new comments. 

  • Diagram Ownership : Manage responsibility for your processes by changing process owners and authors

  • Map hierarchy tree now shows the number of drill-downs for each diagram.

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