You can set-up auto-login flows in Salesforce that ensure users are automatically logged in to Elements when they log in to Salesforce. This is required to have a seamless and frictionless transition between both apps.

Article outline:

  • Prerequisites

  • Create a VisualForce Page

  • Create Login Flows for required Profiles


First, you need to provision your users from the Production Org to the Elements App. Follow the steps outlined in this article.

Create a VisualForce Page

In Salesforce, go to the Elements app, selects the Elements Settings tab and the Elements Login Flow sub tab.

  1. Create a new VF Page.

  2. Give it a name and check the "Available for Lightning Experience... " check box

  3. Delete the code that is in the empty VF Page and paste in this code below :

    <apex:page controller=”Q9.ElementsGenericExtensionController” action=”{!setElementsLoginTokenToCookie}”></apex:page>
  4. Save the VF Page.

  5. From the list of VF Pages, set up Security for each Profile.

Create a Login Flow for each Profile referencing the VF Page

For each Profile:

  • Create a new Login Flow

  • Select the VisualForce Page you have just created.

  • Select the user license and Profile to apply this to Login Flow to.

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