Corporate management allows organisations to easily control space membership in their domains and to make sure content created by outgoing users is not lost.

User management and session management

You can view all users associated with your verified domains using Corporate Management. You can see all spaces the user is a member of, what role they have in each one, filter the list by specific domains, spaces, or display only Space Admins.

Corporate Admins can also delete users (which removes them from the system and terminates their accounts) or disable them (which blocks them from accessing Elements again). You can also view the list of all external users who have access to your content. 

When deleting a user account the Corporate Admin can decide which other user will take ownership of the deleted user's content. 

Setting up corporate default spaces

As a Corporate Admin you can make any space a "Corporate default space". This is a space to which all users in your corporate environment will be automatically invited to, existing and new users alike. This way you can make sure all users have instant access to the corporate and relevant content.

Simply open Corporate Management app from the main app. Click on the icon in the upper right section of the screen.

Then select the spaces list and open the "Access" tab in the right sidebar.  Turn on the toggle "Make all users members by default". The system will then go through each user in your corporate environment and add them to this space. If any new user registers they will also be automatically added to that space. 

When this option is turned on space admins can't remove corporate users from this space.

Secure content transfer 

When you delete a user account the system automatically transfers ownership of any maps, spaces, reference models etc. to the oldest space admin in a space to which the deleted user belonged. If the user was the only user in a space and the only space admin then the corporate admin who deleted that account will become a new owner of that user's space and its content. This way you can make sure the corporate content is never lost when user account is terminated.

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