Setting up Corporate Management

Switching on Corporate Management, connecting domains and adding Corporate Management Admin users

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The purpose of the module is to provide better security and access control.
As such, it is completely separate from space-based licenses (Editors, Salesforce connections, Salesforce adoption, Enterprise, Unlimited).

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • Overview

  • Accessing and Setting up Corporate Management

  • Adding admins

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  • To set up Corporate Management, you have to have Enterprise Licence as part of the "Unlimited" Elements Plan

  • You need to verify your domain by adding a DNS TXT provided when setting up Corporate Management

  • If you want to add more Corporate Management admins, they need to have an email address belonging to one of your verified domains


Corporate Management gives you full visibility and management of all users and spaces in your organization's domains. You can read more about the specific features provided here. Corporate Management is enabled with the Enterprise license. It is charged based on the total amount of users in the system from your organization. You can have unlimited Corporate Management Admins. Those Admin users do not have any ability to create content.

Contact to switch on Corporate Management. For more pricing info, click here.

Accessing and Setting up Corporate Management

Contact us to set up the Corporate Management for your organisation. Once set up, the user who requested the Corporate Management will be able to access it through the new icon in the upper right icon menu. 

At this point your Corporate Management will not have any data, and you will be the only Admin in it as your corporate domain has not been verified. 

When you add a domain, you will receive an automated email with a DNS TXT String that you need to give to your domain administrator to add as a new DNS record. You can also go to the "Domains" section to get the DNS TXT String from there, as your email domain has been already added, but not validated

You can also add another domain; there is no limit to how many domains can be associated, provided you control them. To verify them, you need to add the DNS TXT String as a new DNS record for your domain for each one. Once that is done, click "Verify domain". Upon successful verification, you will have visibility and control over all spaces and users associated with that verified domain. 

Adding Admins

You can have unlimited Corporate Management Admin users. To add a new Admin, you first need to verify your domain(s). Then you can add any user from that domain as an Admin. Click on the "Admins" icon in the left icon menu and then press "Add" in the upper right corner. Start typing the name or email address of the user, and the system will give you suggestions based on users in your verified domain(s). 

If you have multiple domains added to your Corporate Management, you won't be able to remove a domain if there is any Corporate Management Admin from that domain. You would first need to remove the user, and then you would be able to remove the domain. 

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