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Create map template spaces with Corporate Management
Create map template spaces with Corporate Management

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A great feature of Corporate Management is the ability to designate specific spaces as map template spaces. These are just regular spaces that are accessible by all users in your Corporate domain, and have maps within it that act as templates for users to build new maps with.

As a Corporate Admin you can configure these template spaces, making all the maps in that space available as templates for everyone in your team. These can be both process and architecture maps. Click here to learn more on creating maps from templates, and here to learn how to create a new map.


  • Corporate management set up and verified

  • Corporate Admin permissions

  • At least one space in your Corporate domain, with a minimum of one map

Creating a template space

To begin, you may wish to create a new space, or choose an existing space to designate as your template space. It should be a space that you are comfortable with every user in your Corporate instance having access to. This is why we recommend creating a new space and copying any desired existing templates into it, to avoid any potentially unwanted access to other content in the space.

Next, to create a template space, navigate to "Corporate Settings".

From here, open the "Spaces" tab.

Search for the space you would like to be a template space, and select it. In the right panel navigate to the "Access" tab (fingerprint icon).

In order to create a template space you must first make all the users members by default (the first toggle).

Once this action is done, you will see the second toggle appear "Space is available as internal template space". Turn this toggle on to designate it as a template space.


Note: If later on you choose to turn the "Make all users members by default" toggle off, the space will no longer be a template space.
Turning this off will not change the permissions of existing users in that space, but will prevent new users to your Corporate domain from being automatically added as members.
You can choose to remove users that have been added after the toggle is switched on (i.e. it runs as a one time action for all existing users).

Once configured you should see that space, and the maps within it, appear as templates when you go to create a new map from a template.

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