Setting User Policies

Apply uniform rules for users and Spaces in your organization; restrict access, sharing, and copying content from your corporate spaces

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Corporate Admins can set policies that affect all users and Spaces belonging to verified corporate domains.

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  • Corporate management is available on Enterprise licence plan


Open Corporate Management by clicking on the icon in the upper right section of the screen:

Select Policies from the left icon menu and apply rules to your organization. 

Supported policies

  • “Corporate Management is only accessible by Corporate Admins”; this is turned on by default. You can make Corporate IT Management viewable by all corporate users - this does not grant them any admin rights.

  • "Time To Live": allows you to set the number of minutes of inactivity before a user is automatically logged out.

  • “Can't invite or share with external users”: If this is turned on, then users who are not members of your domain cannot be invited to organization's spaces or have content from those spaces shared with them. This does not affect external users who are already members of your spaces.

  • “Can't copy content outside of the company spaces”: If this is turned on, then users cannot copy content to spaces that do not belong to your organization, i.e. have different domains.

  • "Restrict self-registration with corporate domains": If this is turned on, then any new users won't be able to self-register in the application. Their self-registration will be blocked and subject to Corporate Admin approval. This policy does not affect provisioning from Salesforce or via Corporate identify providers. 

Customizing policy restrictions

Once the policy "Can't invite or share with external users" has been turned on, Corporate Admins can make some spaces exempt from the policy - and decide the extent of the exemption as well.

In the Space list, select the “Access” tab in the right panel. You can make the space either totally exempt from the policy (so any external user can be invited to it) or specify specific domains that are to be exempted from the policy (e.g. when you want to allow external consultants to have access to a given space). 

If there are any policies that you would wish us to develop, please let us know using intercom (the blue box in the bottom right of the screen) or by emailing

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