Installing and using the Chrome Extension


You can now see Elements Catalyst analytics and documentation inside Salesforce Setup (Lightning & Classic) and Record Pages (Classic). You need to install a Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Logging into Elements

Install the Chrome Extension. Click on the Elements extension icon in the toolbar and login into Elements Catalyst. You can use the LOGIN WITH SALESFORCE if your account is connected. If you set up the Org Mdel sync you are automatically connected.  Other Salesforce Users need to be connected using Single Sign On,

Elements inside Setup

The chrome extension opens up a right panel in Salesforce Setup wherever it is available . i.e objects, fields, page layouts, Apex classes & triggers, global actions etc.

This feature is available in Salesforce lightning:

And Classic: 

Elements inside Record Pages

You can also open the Elements Catalyst right panel on record pages for objects & fields (currently only in Salesforce Classic). To do this open your extension while you are on a record page and click “enable elements insights”.

The right panel for the object will be displayed instantaneously. You can also click on an Elements icon displayed against each field to open up the right panel for the corresponding field. 

Extension limitations

  • We are not able to show the Elements insights on some object record pages in Salesforce Classic due to to Salesforce API limitations. If an object is not supported you will be informed in the extension.
  • We are not able to show the Elements insights on record pages of some packages in Salesforce Classic if they have custom page layout (MailChimp package is a prime example)
  • There are some known issues on the record page field insights for a Case object. This will be fixed in the next update. 

Opening panel by default

You can set the panel to open as a default wherever there is information to display.  Click on the Elements extension icon in the toolbar and set the switch.  You will need to set this each time you open Salesforce.

Getting access to to the Org Model right panel.

The only users that can see right panel content are those who have been invited to the Org Model in Elements.  

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