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Public Spaces allow you to take advantage of full scale on-demand availability, if you want to use it for marketing purposes, presentation, or proof of concept, it is totally up to you.

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  • Prerequisites

  • Overview

  • Making a Pro Space public, branding and unique URL

  • Setting map access rights

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  • Space must be either a PRO or ENTERPRISE Space


A Public Space is open to ANY registered user on the Elements platform. This allows organizations to share process content publicly via a unique URL. Any existing Elements user can access and join a public space. Anyone not yet registered can also register for Elements using the URL - and join both Elements and the Space at the same time. 

Any user can join a Public Space by going to "Space list". Click on the PUBLIC tab at the top of the page. Select the space you are interested in. Click on "Join Space" in the right panel.

Making a Pro Space public, branding and unique URL

You make a Space Public by the setting in the right column on the Spaces page. Once you make a Space public, it will be visible to every user on their PUBLIC SPACES tab of the Spaces page. It will have a unique URL which can be used to promote the Space. Any user who clicks on the URL and is not currently an Elements user can register and will be automatically joined to the Space.

Setting map access rights

You set the access rights ("View" and "Copy") just like you would with any other map - in the right column of the map in the process maps page. These settings apply to every user who joins the Space.

For more detailed information on setting map access rights.

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  • Managing access rights - users only require a single user login for the whole of Elements, access is governed at the Space level

  • Transfer Space ownership - the person who creates a Space is by default the Space Admin and the Space inherits the "Primary Domain" from their email address

  • User groups and attachment visibility rights - you can then set all attachments on requirements, stories, diagram activities, and reference model nodes to be visible either by all users in the space or by particular user groups

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