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Elements' Adoption Center is a new set of analytics designed to help you understand the level of utilization of the key areas of the Org. Adoption Center shows you utilization insights based on a combination of record counts provided by our managed package and aggregated event log data from the Org.

Adoption Center is currently available in open beta. Contact us if you have Shield or Event Logs enabled in your Production Org.

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Permissions required for the adoption center

Adoption Center is fully available for Production Orgs that:

  • have Elements managed package installed

  • have Event Monitoring/Shield enabled in their Org

  • have View Event Log Files and API Enabled permissions in Salesforce (for the user whose account is used to authenticate the connection)

  • have Event Log Data sync enabled (talk to us to have this enabled for your Org Model)

In Full Sandbox Org Models and normal Sandbox Org Models Adoption Center is still available but it will only show you data on record population for objects and record types and none of the event log data.

Adoption Center is fully accessible to any user with view rights on the Org Model.


Use the left panel to open the navigation menu. Right now you can navigate between the Object usage overview dashboard and Object details dashboard.

Evert chart in Adoption Center has the same behaviour:

Supported insights

Adoption Center can currently help you answer following questions:

Overview dashboard:

  • Which objects have the most/least number of records in my Org?

  • Which objects show the most/least end-user activity in my Org?

Object detail dashboard:

  • Records:

    • How many records are there on my object?

    • How has the number of records changed over time?

    • How many records of different record types do we have?/

  • Object views:

    • How many times was this object viewed by the end-users?

    • How have end-users viewed the object's data over time?

    • Are end-users using classic or lightning interface when they use this object?

    • What type of users (role/profile) are using this object?

  • Object's users:

    • How many unique users have used this object?

    • How many users use this object on any given day?

Event Log data aggregation

We do not report on individual event logs nor do we store your event log data in our system. We aggregate the event logs for a given 24 hour period for an object and for a user and we only store the aggregate results.

Object aggregated event log:

  • Object name

  • total number of end-user views on an object across different record pages, list views, interfaces, related lists, and actions

  • total number of views in classic and lightning mode

User aggregated event log:

  • user ID

  • total number of views per each visited object

  • role ID

  • profile ID

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