Using Elements you can document the users who are stakeholders for a particular node in either your Salesforce Org model or a Reference model.

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  • Prerequisites

  • How to add and remove stakeholders

  • Import stakeholders to Org Model through CSV file import

  • What are roles?

  • "My Metadata" view


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How to add stakeholders

To add a stakeholder, navigate to the right panel in your Org or Reference model. From the first tab, click "Add stakeholder".

This will open a window allowing you to search for the user you want to add as a stakeholder. You can only add users who are currently a member of the Space - as you type their name or email in, they should show in the dropdown.

Here you can also select which role they have as a stakeholder, and leave a descriptive comment on the nature of this role.

You can add up to 20 stakeholders on any given node.

Import stakeholders to Org Model through CSV file import

You can mass-import stakeholder documentation into your Org Models.

You will need:

  • Space admin permission

In the list of Org Models, click on the import icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click 'Import data from CSV'.

Choose the stakeholder import from the option list and drag and drop a CSV file into the area in the modal window or select the file from your computer.

The CSV file for stakeholder import needs the following format:

  • Column 1: Metadata type (e.g. Apex Class, Object, Validation rule etc.)

  • Column 2: Managed package API name (only required if the metadata you want to add stakeholder for belongs to a managed package)

  • Column 3: Object API name (only required if the metadata you want to add stakeholder for belongs to an object,e.g. field, validation rule etc.)

  • Column 4: API name (the API name of the target component)

  • Column 5: Stakeholder role (Owner, Authorizer, Consulted or Informed)

  • Column 6: Stakeholder (email address of the stakeholder; they must already exist in the Space)

  • Column 7: Comment (max 280 characters)

To make the creation of the CSV import file easier, you can generate the node list report in the Org model. It will be a list of all Salesforce components in your Org model with type, API name and parent object API name (if applies) already populated. You can then import this file into a spreadsheet and add the missing information.

How to remove stakeholders

To remove stakeholders, simply click the cross next to the stakeholder's name. This applies to both Org and Reference models.

This action cannot be undone. If a user is removed from the Space or Reference model, they will be removed as a stakeholder.

What are roles?

There are 4 stakeholder roles that you can assign to a user:

  • Owner

  • Authorizer

  • Consulted

  • Informed

You can only add a user once, and assign one role to them. However, you can add up to 20 stakeholders, and there can be multiple users with the same role. For example, below you can see there are 2 users who are "Owners" of the Account object, and one user who is the "Authorizer":

My Metadata view

The "My Metadata" view shows you all the metadata you are a stakeholder on. This view allows you to narrow down and only see metadata relevant to you. From this view you can still access the right panel and carry out the same actions as usual.

To switch from the "Metadata Dictionary" to "My Metadata" view, select it from the dropdown list above the model:

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