Public Spaces are a great way to promote a business by offering free process content to EVERY registered Elements user. The "Examples Maps" Space is a Public Space. 

A Public Space is visible to every Elements user. They can join the Space and view and copy all the maps based on the access rights setting of the map. A Space must be upgraded to Pro to be able to make it public.

Creating a Space

Creating a Space is very easy. On the Spaces page in the main app, click on the [ NEW SPACE] button in the top bar.

You will be the Editor but you can invite other Editors and Viewers to the Space to be able to develop process content. This is through the Space Management app by clicking on the [MANAGE SPACE] button in the right panel, and then select Users from the left menu.

For more detailed information on the different types of Spaces (Personal, Team, Public) and inviting users.

A Public Space is Pro, so every Editor will be charged. See the pricing page.

Upgrading a Space to Pro

Select the Space in the Spaces Page in the main app. Go to the Space Management app by clicking the [MANAGE SPACE] button in the right panel, and then select "Billing" from the left menu. 

You can either pay annually through invoice or monthly through a credit card. If you want to pay monthly click on PAY MONTHLY button, provide your card details and click UPGRADE TO PRO in the top right part of the screen.

You will be paying $2 per day per editor. You decide which users are (paid) Editors and set them up on the users page.

Making a Pro Space public, branding and unique URL

You make a Space Public by the setting in the right column on the Spaces page. Once you make a Space public, it will be visible to every user on their PUBLIC SPACES tab of the Spaces page. It will have a unique URL which can be used to promote the Space. Any user who clicks on the URL and is not currently an Elements user can register and will be automatically joined to the Space.

Setting map access rights

You set the access rights ("View" and "Copy") just like you would with any other map - in the right column of the map in the maps page. These settings apply to every user who joins the Space.

For more detailed information on setting map access rights.

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