What is Quickstart?
We want you to get a unique view of your Org as easily as possible. So, QuickStart first creates an Elements user which is your Salesforce email, creates a Pro Space (14 day trial), then connects that Space to the Org, and launches the sync. When the sync is complete you will receive an email, and you can then view the Salesforce Org and Analytics inside Elements. All in just 4 clicks.

I'm already registered in Elements - can I use QuickStart?

Absolutely. QuickStart will create an Elements login which is your Salesforce email address. If it already exists it will simply use it, not create a duplicate.

I already have some Spaces, so what does QuickStart do?

QuickStart will create a new Space for you and connect it to the Org that you launched QuickStart from.

I want to connect my Org to an existing Space

You will need to go through manual setup. This video explains the steps. They are also covered in the Installation Guide.

Can I use QuickStart on Production, Sandbox and Dev Orgs?

How many times can I use QuickStart?
As many times as you want. Each time it will create a new Space as a 14 day Pro Trial.

I can't see the QuickStart in the Elements Settings tab in Salesforce
That is because that Org is already connected to a Space in Elements. You can use QuickStart on another Org.

How do I log into Elements?

Go to Elements.cloud and the login is top right. Enter your Salesforce email and click "LOG IN WITH SALESFORCE". You may need to enter your Salesforce password in the Salesforce login page. You will then be taken to Elements. Select "Org Model" from the left menu.

Where is the data stored?

We only store your configuration metadata, not your Salesforce data, i.e. objects, fields, email templates, apex triggers. This is stored in our database running on AWS, not on the Salesforce platform.

Do you store my password?

No. We authenticate against your Salesforce password using OAuth so we never see or store your password.

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