You can update your profile image, username, role and update or set up (if you are provisioned through Salesforce) your password. You can access it by clicking on the roundel with your initials in the top right of the app. After you have changed any information it is saved automatically.

  • First name & Last Name: this is displayed when users see your profile.
  • Image/Gravatar: This is an image (JPG, PNG, GIF) which cannot be larger than 1MB.
  • Email: This is your username and you cannot change it directly. If you need to change your email address, please ask your Team Space Administrator to contact the Customer Success Team. To find out the name of your Team Space Administrator go to the Users page (select the space under "SPACES" and then select 'Manage Space' in right panel).
  • Change password: your password should be a minimum of 6 characters including a CAPITAL and a number.
  • Change role: this is a role you specified during the registration. You can change it at any time. This information helps us better understand our users & send you more useful tips & information tailored to your role.
  • Setup password: If you were provisioned through Salesforce then you do not have a password to access Elements Catalyst outside of Salesforce managed package. Click on the setup password and you will receive a system email that will allow you to set up your password.
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