As a requirement manager you can multi-select business requirements and user stories and perform bulk operations to mass-update many records at once.

Article outline

  • What bulk actions are supported

  • What fields can be updated

  • How to perform bulk-operations

What bulk actions are supported

You can perform following bulk operations:

  • Field update

  • Status

  • Delete

  • Select/Unselect all records on the page

What fields can be updated

Through field update you can mass-change:

  • any standard field except summary, description or acceptance criteria

  • any custom field of type list or tags (for more information on custom fields read this article)

How to perform bulk operations

Use the checkboxes on the left hand-side to select multiple stories or requirements. Then right-click on one of the selected items to see the bulk operation options:

When you choose to bulk update multiple records, you can select which standard or custom fields you want to update. You can then choose input parameters. When you are done click 'Preview' button.

You will see the confirmation window summarizing the changes about to be made and how many records will be affected. If everything checks out, click confirm.

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