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Most of the time more data is what you would love to have, here is a handy tool to gather more information with stories and requirements.

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  • Prerequisites

  • How to create a custom field

  • How to delete a customer field

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  • Space admin right are needed to create custom fields for Stories and Requirements

How to create a custom field

Space Admin can add custom fields for your requirements and stories. Go to "Space Settings" and select "Customizations" in the left-hand menu. Then select the "Fields" tab at the top. Switch to "Edit" to manage custom fields.

After switching to edit mode, you can create a new custom field by selecting either "Requirement" or "Story" in the list and clicking on the "Add field" action button. You can also remove existing custom fields, change them to be required or not (whether you can create an item without filling this field), and rearrange their order on the right panel.

TIP Elements supports six types of custom fields.

After you create a new custom field, the new data is added to all existing requirements or stories immediately. It is also added to requirement and story reports. 

How to delete a customer field

If you decide to delete the custom field, simply click on the "x" against the field in the right panel. You will need to confirm, as deleting the field will delete the stored data on all records using it. 

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