The Space Admin can change requirement and story workflows in space management. Select "Customizations" from the left menu. The workflows tab will be selected by default.

You have two versions of the workflow: the published version which is the workflow currently being used by requirements or stories, and the draft version which is the copy of the published workflow you can change and then publish. 

To edit the draft workflow click on the "edit workflow" button. 

You can reorder statuses by dragging and dropping them in the list. This will affect the order in which statuses are displayed in the dropdown when changing statuses. You can also open a status to check and edit status information: 

  1. Title 

  2. Description

  3. Status category: this determines who can edit a requirement or story 

  • Managed by any user: this status category is only available for requirements and allows the user who raised a requirement, irrespective of user permissions, as well as any requirement manager to manage the requirement in this status

  • Managed by requirement manager: editing requirement or story in this status requires the requirement manager permission.

  • Closed: closed requirements & stories cannot be edited or changed and are moved to the "closed" list. The requirement manager can re-open closed items only if there is a transition from the closed status to any of the other category statuses.

   4. Color (affects the status label)
   5. Existing transitions: this determines which statuses you can transition a                           requirement or a story to from the status you're customizing.

Tip: if you have created a new status you need to go through existing statuses and turn on appropriate transitions to that new status. Otherwise you won't see it. 

You can also delete existing statuses or add a new one. To delete a status click on the "x " against a status in the list. To add a new status type in its title at the bottom of the list, press enter or click on the plus sign.

Once you have changed the draft, you can publish it. Just close the window and click on the "publish workflow" button. You will see the confirmation window.

If you deleted any of the statuses used by the published version, you will need to transition requirements or stories from the status that is about to be removed to one of the remaining statuses in the draft you wish to publish. 

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