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Updates: Release note highlights Q3 2019
Updates: Release note highlights Q3 2019

The list of recent product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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Early September 2019

Release highlights:

  • Private cloud offering: For organisations that wish to have the highest level of control and security over content, access and users we have built a private cloud offering. Organisations can decide the locations of data centre and recovery servers and they can even customise the environment's url. 


  • New Quick Start experience: For new users who install the Catalyst package for the first time we have made the installation and setup experience much easier with a new wizzard walk-through and a product tour to help them get started. 

  • Comments renamed to feedback across the product: In order to standardise the functionality across the product and as a preparation for the currently being developed "Feedback grid" we have renamed "Comments" to "Feedback". 

  • Change grid improvements: We have made some small improvements to the change grid based on Your feedback. The "Add new" button is now located above the command column, the "Edit" was added to the right-click context menu, and we extended the width of some columns by default. All to make the experience of managing and reviewing change requests much better. 

Mid July 2019

Release highlights:

  • Editable, sortable, filterable grid for requirements and stories: The heading says it all. We removed the requirement and story lists from the main application and introduced a spreadsheet-like grid for change management. Not only you are able to filter by any standard and custom field but the system also saves your set filters and column widths so that the grid stays the same when you next open it.
    PRO or Enterprise space

  • In-Salesforce help available on edit screens: The Salesforce in-app help is now available on the edit record screens as well - so right when the end-users may need help and contextual information the most!
    Requires PRO or Enterprise space and user adoption license. 

  • Billing manager permission: We introduced a new permission in the space that can be granted to a viewer (so does not require a license). The billing manager can add and manage card billing on a space making it easier for clients to pay for any consultant projects without additional hustle.
    Available on any space

  • Swap licenses: With this feature you can easily grant your editor license to any viewer in the space and transfer ownership of any maps, models, tasks and other items with it. Perfect for consultants handing over spaces to clients or projects to other team members.
    Available on any space


  • Improved default display in diagram editor: We heard your feedback and we improved the default display settings in the diagram editor. Now, as you navigate around a process map, the system tries to fit the best zoom to display the whole diagram. 

  • Release list sorting: We changed the default sorting for published releases. They are now sorted from the most recent to the oldest releases which makes it much easier when managing and following up on release training tasks.

  • Parent requirement link on a story: You can now check and navigate to the user story's parent requirement easily from the right panel. 


  • "All" system group and attachments visibility: We fixed an issue where users who were added to the space via corporate provisioning were not added to the "All" system group and made it impossible to see any attachments. 

  • Release numbering: We fixed an issue with release version numbering where users could not create a new release with version number lower than the other existing release. 

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