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Updates: Release note highlights Q4 2019
Updates: Release note highlights Q4 2019

The list product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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Late December 2019:

Release highlights:

  • Corporate admins can manage user rights on spaces: Corporate admins can now invite individual users to Spaces, make them editors and Space Admins. They can even reallocate the editor license of the only Space Admin to one of the viewers in the Space. All of this allows organisations to properly sort out ownership of content as users join and leave the company.


  • Sticky note report: Users can now run a Sticky note report in the process map to see the list of all sticky notes with their texts, colours, who created them and who last edited them.

  • Brought back modal window for requirements and stories: We listened to your feedback and we brought back the modal window for requirements and stories in the change grid. When you click to add a new requirement or story we will pop up a modal window. You can also use the modal window while editing a change request.


  • Improved layout of % FILLED BY FIELD chart for objects: We fixed the layout issue for the % FILLED BY FIELD chart for objects in the Salesforce Org Models. The names of fields were not displayed fully and most of them were truncated in the Org Models. 

  • Flowline behaviour fixed: We fixed several issues relating to process flowlines:
    1) Flowlines no longer change format when copy->pasted between diagrams
    2) Flowline text no longer changes format when copy->pasted between flowlines
    3) Flowlines get adjusted together with the activities when aligning boxes together

Early December 2019:

Release highlights:

  • Feedback grid: We just released a new feedback grid that allows you to review, analyze and raise change requests from all end-user feedback left across your entire Space.

  • Licensing updates: The application logic is now entirely aligned with the new pricing model announced back in September 2019. It means that:

    1) Training and future governance-level tasks are associated with the Corporate Management license.

    2) Only PRO spaces with the add-on Salesforce connection license can connect to Salesforce and create Org Models.

    You can read more about the pricing model at


  • Node list report dates: We extended the "Node list" report you can generate on your Salesforce Org Model with "Created" and "Last Modified" dates. This now allows you to track and audit how has your Org changed over time.

  • Activity number swap with renumbering: We just made process activity renumbering easier. Now if you want to renumber an activity using a number that is already in use on another activity, the system will swap the numbers between these two activities. 

  • Autofocus in modal windows in the process application: In order to make the work of process creators faster and easier we improved the default behaviour of any modal window opened inside the process application (add resource, add requirement, add story etc.) Now there is an autofocus on the search or top-level field, meaning you can start typing as soon as the modal window appears.

  • Diagram list report includes full diagram URLs: To make embedding processes in external applications such as Salesforce, Confluence, Sharepoint and others easier we extended the diagram list report with the full URLs. You are now able to just generate a report and have access to all relevant links you plan on using. 

  • Change log only on draft: To make the interface leaner and to make sure the end-users are not distracted by the work in progress, we took off the change log records from the published process versions. Now the change log is only available on draft version of the diagram.

  • Credit card invoices: From now on all Space admins and billing managers on a PRO CARD space will receive email notifications whenever an invoice is ready for the space. 


  • URL redirect not working after SSO login: We fixed a major issue where users would be redirected to the homepage rather than taken to the target application if they had to log in using the corporate Single-Sign-On option. 

  • Org models still syncing with Salesforce after the PRO TRIAL has expired: We are now automatically disabling all Salesforce syncs on expired PRO TRIALS. It means the metadata will no longer be re-fetched every day after the trial ends.

  • Data table records not being saved: We fixed an issue where some users would not be able to save a data table record after adding it. This was caused by a faulty code in yes/no field type.

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