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Updates: Release note highlights Q3 2017
Updates: Release note highlights Q3 2017

The list of recent product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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September 2017 release


  • URL library sync: Make sure your library is up-to-date and URLs used by various editors are correct and approved with URL Library sync functionality.

  • GDPR : We introduced our GDPR solution to help you evaluate the compliance of your organization !  

  • Requirements and stories: You can now add multiple requirements to a diagram activity or Ref model node as well as change the parent requirement of a story.

Late August 2017 release


  • Process map structure: To improve navigation around the process map and to allow you to instantaneously view the structure of the process map we introduced the process map hierarchy tree

  • Homepage: We introduced a new homepage display that features process diagrams as images to help you spot what you're looking for faster. 

  • Requirements and stories: You can now report on all stories for all filtered requirements.

Early August 2017 release


  • Requirements and stories: We introduced user stories to help you better manage requirement development. You can also raise requirements from a ref model node. 

  • Salesforce Config Manager: We added Salesforce sync history so that you can track whether your data is up to date. Learn more about documenting your Salesforce org with Elements Catalyst. 

  • Diagram editing:  You can now lock size, position and theme of images, notes, text boxes and activities used in the process diagram.

July 2017 release


  • URL Library: We released the first version of our URL Library - a list of URL attachments that you can manage in the space. The URL Library manager can create entries, accept local URLs used by editors, or import through a CSV file and report on their usage in the space. 

  • CSV import of ref model: You can now easily create a Ref Model by importing data from the spreadsheet

  • Requirements and stories: To help you raise requirements in the context of the process we introduced ability to raise requirements from the activity

  • Navigation: We introduced rollover images when you roll over a drill-down, connector, activity link or version link so that you can easily assess if you want to navigate to that diagram.

  • Salesforce Config Manager: We added summary information for your Salesforce Org Ref Model so that you can quickly see the high level details of your org. Learn more about documenting your Salesforce org with Elements Catalyst. 

  • Diagram edit rights: You can set edit rights for each diagram in the process map and control which editors can edit which part of your process map.

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