You can leave feedback on any process diagram, Salesforce org model node, Reference model node, URL Library link or even a requirement or story to drive improvements of any area of the business.

Article outline:

  • How to leave feedback 
  • How to collaborate on content 
  • How to be notified of any new feedback

How to leave feedback 

For most items the feedback section is located in a tab in the right side bar for the selected item:

For process diagrams the feedback section can be found under the icon in the top right part of the screen:

Using our Chrome extension you can also provide your Salesforce users with an opportunity to leave you feedback on Org configuration, performance and required help. Read this article to learn more. 

How to collaborate on content

You can @mention a user when leaving a comment. If the user is a member of the space the system will suggest their username which you then need to select. After submitting feedback that user will be notified of the new comment. 

You can also post replies under the original feedback. The user who posted the original comment will be notified of any reply. 

How to be notified of any new feedback

The owner of the item on which feedback was left will automatically receive an in-app notification as well as an email with the comment and a link to the parent item. So we don't need to @mention the process owners, org model owners, reference model owners, or people who created requirements or stories. 

However, if we want to notify someone specifically who is not the owner of the item where we are leaving feedback we must @mention them.

If you are using our Salesforce feedback feature then you might want to set up a Salesforce chatter group where all feedback from the Salesforce end-users is automatically posted to.

You can see items which have had comments added (or have been edited) by following them. All followed and favourite items are displayed in the main body of the home page. They are initially ordered by the date you started following them. If any of them are edited they will move to the top of the list. 

If you switch the toggle "Show favorites only", the home page will be cleared to show only your favorite followed items.

If there is any new comment on the followed item you will see a blue comment icon. If the item has been edited by another user since the last time you saw it, it will display a blue pencil icon. 

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