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Updates: Release Note Highlights Q3 2021
Updates: Release Note Highlights Q3 2021

The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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End of August 2021

Release Highlights:

  • Elements playground environment: We have launched an Elements playground environment. Every user is granted a free Playground Space which they can access at any time. You can use it to practice your business analysis skills. Playground Space allows you to connect a single Dev Org and you cannot share the Space, or any content in it, with anyone.


  • JIRA improvements: We have fixed a number of issues with our JIRA integration:

    • We update the JIRA reference when the issue in JIRA is moved to another project

    • We update which release is the story associated with in Elements if the assignment changes in JIRA

    • We remove the JIRA reference on a story in Elements if the underlying issue in JIRA has been deleted

  • Business requirements and user stories: We have corrected a few annoyances that have been raised by some of our customers:

    • We removed the 'Initial' list of requirements and user stories.

    • You can now associate and see user stories and requirements in the initial status in the context of the release.

    • We removed the accordions in user story and business requirement modal windows.

Mid August 2021

Release Highlights:

  • Syncing private reports and dashboards: Private reports and dashboards are now synced as part of the org model. This also includes information on what fields are used by private reports and which reports are used by private dashboards.


  • Org model search: We improved the org model search to support partial search. You don't have to provide the full api or label name, only 2 characters are required to initiate the search. The results will include any metadata that have those characters in that particular order in their API name or label.

  • Date format in reports: We changed date format in all reports to ISO 8601 standard, meaning all dates will be displayed as YYYY-MM-DD 00:00:00 which will make it easy to sort the results.


  • Edit mode bug: We have fixed a bug that was preventing editors from editing their own diagrams and causing problems with opening newly created maps.

Early August 2021

Release Highlights:

  • Managed sync mode: We have introduced a new sync mode for clients who exercise greater access control to their Org. Managed mode allows the sync to run where the Salesforce user account performing the sync has not been given rights to view the object data.

Late July 2021

Release Highlights:

  • Business process authorization: You can now use Elements to inspect and authorize changes to your business processes to ensure improvements to your business operations are auditable and properly managed.


  • Diagram navigation fix: Some customers have experienced errors when trying to navigate the process hierarchy. We have identified and fixed the bug that stopped customers from loading diagrams up or down the hierarchy.

Early July 2021

Release Highlights:

  • Jira integration: This is the first of many improvements to our Jira integration that will be released in the coming months. This month we changed the way we process webhook data from Jira into Elements. This was previously causing issues with changing both the status and text fields at the same time. You can now do this without breaking the integration, and updates should send through to Elements smoothly.


  • Changes grid right-click: You can now right-click anywhere on an item in the Changes grid to bring up the context menu and perform quick actions.

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