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Updates: Release Note Highlights Q4 2022
Updates: Release Note Highlights Q4 2022

The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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December 2022

Release Highlights:

  • Corporate management domains: Users can now change their email addresses between verified domains when Corporate Management is activated. Users will still be unable to change their email outside of any verified email domain.

  • User permissions: You can now set Elements permissions for non-verified users. This means you don't need to wait for your users to verify their email addresses in order to set up their account permissions.

  • Trial editors: When you create a new trial for a space, you will now automatically be given 10 editor licenses to play with instead of 3.


  • Viewer permissions: We have improved the experience for viewers opening URL and reference model links, and you can now click through to the link fully.

  • Usage tab counters: On a user story we now display a counter for all the connected nodes so you can quickly see the impact a story has on your Org.


  • Custom metadata: The parent object for custom metadata dependencies in the right-panel no longer appears as "undefined" and shows the correct object name.

  • Editing stories: We have resolved an issue where stories couldn't be edited from the diagram editor.

November 2022

Release Highlights:

  • Space Management: We've given our old friend Space Management a brand new look! She runs faster and better than ever before.

  • End user help and feedback: You can now use our trademark Salesforce Purple i's when you create or edit a record, including using quick actions.


  • New dependencies: We now get and display dependencies for..

    • Picklist values references in business processes

    • Fields used on a dashboard


  • Sticky notes filter: We resolved an issue where diagrams open on additional displays were failing to show the sticky notes filter pop-up.

October 2022

Release Highlights:

  • New metadata: The following has been added to the Org model daily sync

    • Flow tests

  • New dependencies: These dependencies will now appear in the right panel and dependency trees

    • List view - Picklist value

    • List view - Field

    • List view - Queue

    • Flow test - Flow

  • Multi-user sticky notes: Collaborate on your diagrams by using our new multi-user sticky notes feature. This will allow viewers to leave sticky notes on any diagram of your choice, boosting your ability to work as a team.

  • Filter sticky notes: You are now able to filter sticky notes by their author on diagrams.


  • Requirements and stories: You can now easily navigate to the assigned release by clicking on the release name in the right panel. Simple as!

  • Bulk send to Jira: Special characters should now show correctly for stories in the "Bulk send to Jira" window.


  • Field Usage Reports: Fixed an issue with generating field usage reports, which should now download correctly.

  • Attachment counts: We resolved a minor issue where attachment counters weren't updating properly.

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