The Elements Chrome Browser Extension is a major upgrade to the Salesforce Setup - and more! It allows the Elements Catalyst insights to be displayed in the right panel for Setup and Record Pages. It also enables end users to see pop-up, in-app help in Record Pages and leave feedback for the Salesforce Admin.

This article deals with installation, setup and troubleshooting. Check out these articles to learn about specific features available through the extension:

Article outline 

  • Prerequisites

  • Installing the Chrome Extension 

  • Logging into Elements Catalyst 

  • Rolling out the extension to your whole team

  • Q&A 


You need to have registered an account with Elements or have been provisioned to Elements via Salesforce or another system.

Installing and using the Chrome Extension

Click here to go to the Chrome Store and install the Elements Chrome Extension.

Logging into Elements Catalyst

Click on the Elements extension icon in the toolbar and login into Elements Catalyst. You can use the LOGIN WITH SALESFORCE if your account is connected.

Rolling out the extension to your whole team

To learn how you can make the Elements extension and its features accessible to your entire team, follow this article.

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