Using a Namespace in your Salesforce Org

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In this article, you will learn how Elements treats Orgs with defined namespace, and how it treats its structure, and components.


  • If you want to try (we would not recommend it) you need to have an active Elements account and an Org you would like to add a namespace to

Orgs with namespace

It is possible to define a namespace for your Org. Whilst namespaces are normally associated with managed packages, it is possible to define a namespace for any Org. This has the effect of prefixing any custom component in your Org with the namespace that you have provided (which must be unique in the whole Salesforce ecosystem) and the underscore nomenclature '__'.

How Elements treats your namespaced Org components (i.e. custom items)

When the Org is synced to the Org Model in Elements all the custom items will appear in the managed package part of the tree under the name given to the namespace, even though it is not a managed package.

What happens if you add namespace to an already sync'd Org

If you add a namespace to an existing Org that has already been sync'd to Elements it will consider all the custom components as new components, since they now have a new unique API name. The existing items which are in the main body of the tree will be marked as deleted.

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