Status chart
You can quickly see the status of your categorization efforts as a donut chart. This is on the ref model listing page, in the right panel in the "Data privacy" tab. There is a donut chart automatically generated for every ref model that has data privacy enabled.

Status change over time

You can also see how your data has changed over time. Click on "Show status change over time" below the donut chart to see the historical line chart for your GDPR data. Use the dropdown list to select the time period for the graph.

Legal field status

Below the status chart you can also find the legal field status chart. It is automatically generated and it shows the legal reason provided for keeping personal and special personal data.

GDPR reporting and export to XLS
Every Data privacy enabled ref model has a data privacy report. This lists every field and its status, and can be exported to XLS.

Open the ref model and click on the "report" icon in the upper-right menu. Click on "Run new report"

Select "Field list / Data privacy" from the report dropdown list and hit RUN.  

The report will run in the background and you will be notified when it is ready by a popup note, as well as the report icon changing number. Click on the "report" icon, and then click on the report listing item to open the report in a new tab.

As with all reports, you can filter and sort columns, and export to XLS.

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