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GDPR customization

You can customize GDPR purposes and reasons for holding data

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Space Admin can create "GDPR purposes" to identify different use-cases for the same data and customize a standard set of reasons for holding personal data and for specified legal basis for holding the data to better fit your particular case. 

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • GDPR purposes

  • Customizing GDPR reasons

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  • You have to have at least Editors rights on Space level

GDPR purposes

To create and change GDPR purposes, go to "Space Settings", select "Customizations", and GDPR tab at the top. Then switch to edit mode.

Click the "Add purpose" button in the right panel and fill in the necessary information.

You can then reorder the purposes by dragging and dropping them on the right panel, or remove them by clicking on the "x" symbol. 

You can then apply purposes in the ref model. By default, the "General" purpose is applied to a GDPR-enabled node with "Personal" or "Special personal" data. You can change it to a different one. 

Scroll down to the bottom in the right panel and click on "Add another purpose".

You will see a window from which you can select a new purpose for using this "Personal" or "Special personal" data.

As a result, you now have multiple purposes for holding given data. You specify retention period, legal basis, sources & recipients of data for each purpose separately. 

Customizing GDPR reasons 

You can also customize GDPR reason fields. Select the GDPR fields from the list, turn to edit mode, and click on the name of one of the fields listed in the right panel.

You can now provide a list of reasons for holding personal data or reasons for legal basis:

You can then select the appropriate reason from the dropdown in the right panel for a GDPR-enabled ref model node that has status "Personal data" or "Special personal data". Furthermore, you can then run a GDPR report for the Ref Model and filter more easily by standard reasons.

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