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ElementsGPT Licensing

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An overview of how the permissions and licensing works for ElementsGPT.

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What's included?

ElementsGPT refers to our suite of AI-powered features in This currently includes the following:

All capabilities are included with ElementsGPT, there are no 'pick n mix' options.

Enterprise customers

Enterprise customers can pay for ElementsGPT in their space(s) as an add-on to the Unlimited deal. For any Enterprise space, you can choose to have ElementsGPT turned on or off. Any user in a space with ElementsGPT turned on will have access to the features (provided their user accounts have adequate permissions for each action or feature).


Partners can purchase the ElementsGPT add-on at a user level. This means that any partner with an ElementsGPT license can use these features in any space where they are invited as an Editor. The spaces they enter are not required to have ElementsGPT turned on. Access to this feature for all other users is dictated by whether or not the ElementsGPT add-on is activated.

This is only for partners with valid consulting + ElementsGPT licenses.


When a new Enterprise trial is started you will automatically have access to ElementsGPT for the duration of that trial. Once the trial ends, the space will be downgraded and you will not have access to ElementsGPT any longer.

If you do not want ElementsGPT activated on your trial space, these features can be turned off by request.

If you are an existing user, please speak to your Account Executive if you wish to trial ElementsGPT features in your space(s).

Additional information

In the event that ElementsGPT is turned off on your space, you will lose access to the feature but will not lose any content created by this feature.

Any additional API keys you have provided will be deleted. If the feature is turned on again at a later date you will need to provide any keys you wish to be used again.

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