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Using Ask Elements, you can leverage Generative AI to ask questions of your Org to better understand its capabilities and components. We have combined the power of ChatGPT with an understanding of your Org configuration to help you learn more about your Org.

Note that this feature is still experimental and results can vary. Contact for more information and support.


How to Use "Ask Elements" for your Org

Opening "Ask Elements"

To open “Ask Elements”, navigate to your indexed Org model. If you do not have an indexed Org, follow the instructions here to index.

Once the Org is indexed and opened, go to the top right corner and open “Ask Elements”.

This will open the “Ask Elements” window where you can choose the type of query you want to make.

Use the guidance and question fields to fill in the information needed for your question. The guidance can be used to help specify particular formats, and do’s and don'ts, for the model.

Chat history and refining questions

Once a question has been asked you are free to edit the guidance and question fields to refine and re-ask the question. This will open a new chat, but the previous question will be available in the left hand chat history.

You can open any previous chat history to refine any of the fields, as well as edit the name, and delete any chat histories you no longer need.

Using custom settings

We offer custom settings to allow you to refine the model options and settings. Access these by clicking on the cog icon in the top right corner.

Here you can select the model from our available presets, as well as Top K, Temperature, Top P, Max Completion Tokens and Score threshold.

Reindexing your Org

Currently, Orgs are automatically re-indexed on a weekly basis each Saturday. However, if you know there have been significant changes since then, you can re-index your Org on demand. Do this by following the steps in this article.

Available scopes

The current available options are Org Model, Well Architected, and Latest Release Note. Each scope uses a specific data context to answer your question as effectively as possible. Read on for more information.

#1 Ask your Org model

You can use Ask Elements to ask qualitative questions about your Org. For example, asking which automations are used in a particular process, or what kinds of objects there are.

Note that our current architecture returns the top 10 relevant results, not all relevant results. Therefore, Ask Elements isn’t very good at answering quantitative questions, such as “How many flows…”. This is due to the fact that Ask Elements is powered by a LLM - fantastic at providing recommendations based on similarities, but not necessarily at calculations.

Currently, we are indexing the following metadata types with their names, API names and descriptions:

  • Apex classes

  • Apex triggers

  • Flows

  • Objects

  • Record types

  • Fields

  • Profiles

  • Permission sets

  • Permission set groups

  • Validation rules

We plan to index more metadata and provide information about them in the future iterations.

#2 Ask about the Salesforce Well Architected framework

Use this scope to ask about the Well Architected framework, to understand best practices better, or ask for advice on how to implement something. For example, “What are the recommended best practices for implementing an Apex Class that handles… ?”

#3 Ask about the latest Salesforce release

Use this scope to ask about the latest release updates, summarising the notes, or specifically to ask for example, which API versions are being deprecated. For example, “Summarise the latest release notes”

If you want to learn more about how to use Ask Elements, including best practices and use cases, check out our Academy courses available here.

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