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How to create an Elements webhook

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  • Space with Enterprise license

  • Webhook feature turned on

  • Space admin permissions

Creating the webhook

  1. Open Space Management for the Space you want to generate a Webhook for.

  2. Navigate to the "Developer" tab along the left hand side, and ensure that you are viewing the "Webhooks" section within that.

  3. In the top right corner, select the blue "Add Webhook" button.

  4. A window will then open allowing you to configure the Webhook information.

  5. Enter the webhook name, input the endpoint, and decide if you want to enable the request signature and/or enable the webhook immediately once created. If you choose to create the webhook disabled you will be able to enable it later once you are ready.

  6. Select the events you want to trigger the webhook for.

  7. Click the "Create" button to finish creating your webhook.

Managing your webhooks

From the Webhook page you can review and manage your existing webhooks.

Click on "View logs" to see a history of the webhook runs. You can see the event type, success status, and payloads.

Use the "Edit webhook" feature to update the name, endpoint, and selected events.

Additional information

These are the events currently available to add to your Webhook scopes:


  • Created

  • Updated

  • Deleted


  • Created

  • Updated

  • Deleted

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