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Profiles & Permission Sets reporting: Comparison reports
Profiles & Permission Sets reporting: Comparison reports
Profiles; Permission sets; reporting; technical debt; cleanup; comparisons
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Article overview

  • Prerequisites

  • What does the report tell me?

  • Generating the report

  • Downloading the report

  • Creating a user story

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  • Enterprise space

  • Access to a synced Org

  • Org synced within the last 14 days

Generating the report

You can generate a total access report for particular Profiles/Permission sets by navigating to your Profiles or your Permission Sets in the Org. Scroll down to the relevant metadata, or use the search bar at the top if you are looking for a particular profile or permission set.

Profiles in the metadata dictionary

Using the metadata search to find a profile

Once you've selected the metadata you want to inspect, navigate to the 'Optimize / Clean-up' tab in the right panel (1) and click "Analyze access" (2). This will open the total permission access report.

Click on each grey box to display the types of permissions in this permission set.

From here you can create a comparison between your selected metadata and other profiles or permission sets of your choice. This will allow you to see how similar or different the permissions are between the metadata. Click "Compare" and you will open a window to create a new comparison.

Give the comparison a name and short description so you know what it contains if you return to it later.

Then, select the profiles or permission sets you want to compare.

From the "Select" panel, you can view old comparisons and information about the metadata being compared. Each time you revisit the access analyser for that metadata you will see all the comparisons you have run.

You'll also see the status of the report generation (Requested, In Progress, Ready or Failed).

What does the report tell me?

The comparison report displays 2 different numbers. The % is the % of similarities in permissions between the selected permission controller and those it's compared with.

The numbers below this is the number of permissions compared in these which are generating the %.

The example below shows that all the permissions compared below are completely different, hence showing 0% (19/19).

This example shows that the System Administrator profile is identical to the one is it compared to (in this case, the same profile cloned, to demonstrate this example).

Click on the coloured % lozenges to drill further into the access comparison.

Downloading the report

You can download the various reports using the "Export to CSV" button in the bottom left of the window.

Creating a user story

From the comparison reports you can easily add the metadata scope to a new user story in Elements. Simply select the profile/permission sets you want to add by clicking on the column label along the top. The selected metadata will show as a blue/shaded column.

When you have selected all the required metadata click "Create Story". The number in brackets shows you how many items you be adding to the story.

This will open the Create story modal where you can add all the relevant information, and generate your documented user story.

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