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Before you skim through this in your busy day...find a few minutes to focus and read through this completely. There is a lot of power in the consulting license, but you need to get through the basics to get it set up and pointed in the right direction. This is about the mechanics. The "why, when and how" to use Elements details are in the free on-line academy at If in doubt, please reach out to to book some time with CSM. We are here to help and support you in achieving your desired outcomes with your clients.

As a Salesforce or Elements Partner, you have the rights to purchase a special type of "Consulting Licence" for named consulting users. This provides each consultant with an ability to create an unlimited number of special consulting Spaces with access to all Elements capabilities to run projects. Consultants can also be invited to join any number of existing client Spaces with full edit/admin rights at no additional cost to the client or consultant.

Article outline:

Benefits of the consulting license

The list below summarizes what you can do as a holder of a consulting license:

  • Unlimited consulting spaces: You can create as many 'consulting' spaces as you need to run projects for your clients. Each consulting space grants you full access to Elements capabilities and you can connect and analyze as many Salesforce Orgs as you want. However, only consultants can create and edit content within a consulting space. Click here to learn more about consulting spaces.

  • Managed services: You can maintain the Space and use it for an ongoing managed service offering for your clients as long as you hold the consulting license.

    If the client wants licenses, but does not want to manage the space, they can either purchase licenses and have the Consultant remain as admin, or the Consultant can buy licences on behalf of the client based on the standard customer pricing (to be charged through) - Note; Customers cannot use Consulting licenses. However, where a customer has licensed Elements, there is no additional cost for consulting license holders to be granted edit rights on customer spaces..

  • Edit access to any number of client spaces : As a Consulting licence holder, you can be invited into any space in the Elements ecosystem and be allocated Edit or Admin rights on the space at no additional cost to you or the client.

Managing consulting licenses

This license is only available for registered Salesforce consultants or consultants who are part of our partner program at $500 per named user license per year.

After submitting the request for a given number of consulting licenses and paying the Purchase Order, you can assign those licenses to specific users.

You will need to nominate an initial "Corporate Administrator" who can allocate the Consulting Licences to the required people in your organisation. The Admin does not have to allocate a Consulting licence to themselves and they can also allocate Corporate Admin rights to others.

To receive a Consulting licence, a user must be part of the same email domain. The corporate management capability allows corporate Admins to keep track of multiple projects and allocate and re-allocate users and licenses where new consultants join or existing ones move on.

Important: Corporate Management requires a custom domain in order to function. If you don't have a custom corporate domain, let us know by emailing us at You will need to set one up for your company.

Setting up and allocating your Consulting Licenses within your Company

Once you have been informed that Consulting licenses have been allocated:

1. Go to corporate management

Click on the cog icon in the upper right corner of your screen in the main application and select "Corporate settings" from the dropdown list.

2. Assign licenses to users.

Go to the users' list, select a user, and assign a license by turning on the "Multi-space editor" toggle in the right sidebar. That user now has Consulting licence allocated.

Click here to learn how to create and use consulting spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a consulting space?

This is a Space providing full Elements capabilities, unlimited Salesforce connections but no spare editor licenses. Only consultants can create or edit content within consulting Spaces.

(Q) - What if the client wants editor capabilities? Then either client or the partner will need to purchase licences - see (2) or (3) below.

(Q) - What if I need to have multiple Consultants engaged with this client within the project? As long as the consultants have Consulting licences, you can invite them all to the space and given them appropriate rights on the space and content. There is no limit to the number of consultants you can allocate to a space.

(Q) - What if I have some Consultants with Consulting licences and others who don't have them. Can they work on the Project Space? If more consultant editors are required, they would need to be purchased (e.g. each individual consultant would need to purchase a Consulting licence and continue as a Consulting Licence holder on this and other projects).

(2) Client wants to buy licences themselves on the space. Consulting Space becomes a normal client space.

A space can only have 1 paying customer associated with it. So as soon as there is a client who wants to purchase their own licences - even if that is within the project period, they will need to purchase licences and become a customer. At this point, the Consulting licence holders still have edit rights on the space, but the space will need to have current Client licences to retain the same functionality.

(Q) - What if I need to have Consultants engaged with this client who are not currently Consulting Licence holders? Those Consultants would need to purchase a Consulting licence and continue as a Consulting Licence holder.

(3) Client wants to have access to licences themselves but wants to pay the Partner to provide them as a Managed Service. Project Space becomes a Consulting space. Partner buys the licences from Elements direct.

This is a space which is owned by the consultant to be run as a managed service by the Consultant for a client.

If the space requires additional licences to be purchased, then these licences would need to be purchased by the consultant on behalf of the client and charged on as a managed service. If at any point, the client wishes to purchase the licences and take over the space, then they become a normal Elements client, purchasing licences direct, and the space can be transferred to them by changing the primary domain.

If the Partner is paying for the customer licenses, there is no additional cost for editors if the only editors on the space are Consulting License holders.

There is no limit to the number of spaces a consultant licence holder can create, but the consulting licence must be current to access the above rights.

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