Percentage of all filled fields for objects is a visual and easy-to-use indicator of your Org's health status and a road sign where to go to first for improvements.

Simple and automatic.

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  • Registered and verified Elements account

  • Sync'd Salesforce Org

  • Permissions to Org Model

What we report

The purpose of this chart is to show you how often you use different fields when creating object records. We show you the % population of fields, grouped in ranges for clarity, in the last 10,000 records for each object. 

For instance, for the Contact object, we can see that about 45% of all fields were never used when creating records. These might be custom fields that nobody is using. 

TIP Ideally, you would want your bars to be as fully green or yellow as possible as this indicates that all your fields (system, standard, and custom) are regularly used when creating records, and therefore they are useful. 

TIP If you spot red or grey areas, it means that there are some fields that are either rarely used or never used when creating records. You should investigate whether you really need these fields. But don't automatically assume that a field which is not being filled must be deleted - there might be a rare but important business case for using it.

TIP Clicking on any bar will open the Org Model on that object and you can inspect the fields in more detail. You can then extend the analysis sample up to 50 million records to get a better picture. 

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